About Team
SWOTT is a non-profit and secular organization which was established on May 23, 2020. SWOTT was initially started with very few scanty volunteers in the early 2000s. They started with small social activities with limited fund and limited resources. The wholesome idea of making it as greater establishment was initiated when the team was carrying out activity along with few more associates during/after the aftermath of 2004 Tsunami, and also during/after natural disaster such as “Ockhi Cyclone”, “2015 Chennai Flood”, “Cyclone Vardha” and “Cyclone Gaja”. In this period, witnessing the interest shown by our team and support from other associates, “Mr. Sameer”, was inspired to give it more to the society in various other forms, to protect environment in the public’s interest, and he also started visualizing of making this as in very large-scale foundation purely for the benefit of the people and environment.
Since then, SWOTT has been working tirelessly on a variety of programs, such as providing food (“Food for the Hungry”), creating and funding for education purposes (“Education Awareness”), spreading and providing correct facts avoiding incorrect info and fake news (“Social Media Fact Checks”), conducting camps for medical aid (“Medical Camps), and restoring project like lake cleaning, beach cleaning (“Physical Ecology Camps”), etc. SWOTT have been and continues to join hand/collaborate with a number of socially-minded organization/groups from various parts of Tamil Nadu. And, SWOTT has almost feed over 75,000 people during the COVID-19 pandemic period.
Besides, SWOTT has also collaborated on many projects with the “Public Works Department” (PWD), the “Chennai Police Department”, and other important NGOs. We also provide our support in assisting to modify the education sectors, i.e., in government schools by renovating the structures thereby raising the standard of the schools.
SWOTT members have also teamed-up with the government to help during the “2015 Chennai Floods” and the “COVID-19 pandemic”. In addition, they are also planning and implementing for the “CLEAN & GREEN Puzhal Lake” program.
About Team

Who are we

A team of Individuals dedicated to protect, revive and maintain ecological environment in Tamil Nadu.
Our target is to inspire the next generation to actively and voluntarily participate in protecting the environment using their respective field of expertise and create volunteers in every street who will assist the public in obtaining every benefit given by the Government of the State.

What Inspired us

Our journey began with a 17-year selfless commitment to the community from a social activist who is also the founder of the Social Work Team Trust (SWOTT).

Dr. S. Thameem Ansari (alias) Sameer.

It started with his individual participation in the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake-Tsunami and floods, as well as other natural calamities such as “Ockhi Cyclone,” “2015 Chennai Flood,” “Cyclone Vardha,” and “Cyclone Gaja,” his idea of being an activist was born.
During this time, a few members of his team volunteered with him, and he was inspired to give more to the society in various ways, to protect the environment in the public’s interest, and he began visualizing this as a large-scale foundation purely for the benefit of the people and the environment, irrespective of caste, gender, or religious discrimination. Then, as time went on, more people joined, and the team’s strength grew, giving birth to SWOTT, which was legally registered as an NGO on May 23rd, 2020

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Mission