Blood Donation

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SWOTT has been working tirelessly on blood unit requests for the past few years, arranging so far, approximately, 1200 units of blood donation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, SWOTT also conducted blood donation drives in Redhills and collected about 60 blood units. Furthermore, we also associate with Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital and Red Cross Blood Bank for Plasma Donation Camp.
We are proud to inform that we are one-off NGO that have introduced complete automation of blood card generation. We have designed our system so as that the given blood request, post-verification and feeding all the necessary input, will be converted into potential blood-request card. And, we will share this card to most of the popular blood bank, so that requested blood has been arranged. We ensure that most of blood request will be closed by our team. We have special team completely dedicated to “Blood Donation Coordination and Planning”, for validating and ensuring smooth blood donor arrangement.
We have only one phrase for all:

“There is no substitute for blood; it comes only from generous donors…Please continue to donate!!!”

Plasma Donation

who we are

Blood donated by people who have recovered from COVID-19 will have antibodies to the virus that has caused the COVID. The donated blood is further processed to remove blood cells, extracting liquid (plasma) and antibodies. This plasma is given to people with COVID-19 to boost their ability to fight the virus.
ICMR has given emergency authorization for plasma therapy with high antibody levels to treat COVID-19. It may be used for some hospitalized people ill with COVID-19 who are either early in their illness or who have weakened immune systems.
Like blood card automation, we have explored the feasibility of creating “plasma card automation”, and it was live until the procedure was prominent.

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