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Crescent Technocrats Club of B S Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology launched a book “YOU CAN GO DIGITAL” with ISBN 978-93-5416-743-0. This book was authored by P Mohamed Irfan, K Fahima Sanobar Shalin, A Vishali, S Aarthi, J Samyuktha Meena, S Snega, K Nivedha, S Priyadharsshni, J Suhaina, and F Fahmidha Shereen. The editor of the book is Dr. W Aisha Banu, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and coordinator of the club. It was published by Dr. Karthikeyan Ramalingam, Dean- Student Affairs of the institution.

With its thirteen crisp chapters brushes up with everything that anyone might need to get started with the world of Digital Marketing. This is a self-help book for anyone looking to steer their way through leveraging their business online. It makes you realize the importance of going digital and making your presence felt online. Step by step, it guides you through the basics of resource planning and also gives you an overview of the various social media sites that are available. It includes the necessary guidelines put in the simplest of sentences so you need only the book and nothing else to get started. From making your site visually creative and pleasing to opening up globally the book is the perfect amalgamation to learn and curate from.

The first copy of the book was presented to Dr. A Peer Mohamed Pro-Vice-Chancellor. They were accompanied by the registrar of the institution Dr. A Azad, Senior General Manager Mr. V N A Jalal, Deputy Registrar Dr. Raja Hussain, Dean Student Affairs Dr. Karthikeyan Ramalingam, professors, and students. With due safety precaution recommendation.

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