In the last 10 years, India has lost 1.5 million people to preventable road accidents and another 5.3 million have been left disabled. India has the highest number of road crash fatalities, with a crash occurring every minute and one death every three minutes.

And the most worrisome issue is that our city, Chennai holds the record of topping road accident death charts in the state year after year.

Right to life and safety is a fundamental right of any citizen of India. Road Safety is critical issue with more than 1 reported fatality every three minute in India. So, in SWOTT, we initiated “Traffic Awareness Campaign” with the help of “North Chennai Traffic Police”.

Our founder Dr. Sameer commented that

“because of the heavy inflow of crowd during peak hours, we thought it would be the right time to create awareness about road safety to the public. We engaged in the traffic awareness campaign, instructing commuters to wear helmets, fasten seat belts and to look after other safety measures”.

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